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    A Brisbane North general practice Law Firm since 1969
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Over 49 years as Sandgate Lawyers servicing Brisbane’s northside and the Redcliffe/Pine Rivers districts.

This is a senior Queensland legal firm with extensive legal knowledge and experience.

About the firm

This Brisbane north suburban law firm conducted by Lawyer G. R. (Ray) Brown evolved out of Sandgate’s very oldest law firm. He carries an extensive legal knowledge and a wide range of experiences gained as a legal representative, adviser and litigant throughout his career. He well exceeds the minimum requirements for Compulsory Professional Education each year by attending local and international Law Conferences. He has held the office of Notary Public since 1987 and has been a Commissioner for Affidavits New Zealand since 1990. He is of course a member of the Queensland Law Society but also the Law Council of Australia.

Since 1969 he has been proud to practice as a generalist Solicitor offering a wide range of legal services to accommodate the community’s needs. He is now a Queensland senior Solicitor and has served for more years than any other local and most other Queensland Lawyers. Unlike the weather, he is always predictable – delivering high quality legal services with professionalism.

With the philosophy of “Serving to please, pleasing to serve”, this Legal Practice can assist in the following areas of the law:-

  • Property Law (refer to atconveyancing.com.au ) i.e. Conveyancing –
    • Residential land, house and unit sales and purchases;
    • Off-the-Plan purchases;
    • Retirement Home sales and purchases;
    • Commercial/industrial land and unit sales and purchases;
    • Small Business sales and purchases including Franchising;
    • Leasing commercial/industrial premises including Retail Shops
  • Family Law –
    • Divorce;
    • Property disputes;
    • Children disputes;
    • Trials;
    • Consent Orders;
    • Binding Financial Agreements.
  • De Facto Relationships Law –
    • Property disputes;
    • Children disputes;
    • Trials;
    • Consent Orders;
    • Binding Financial Agreements.
  • Domestic and Family Violence Law, by and against both male and female –
    • Trials;
    • Consent Orders;
    • Undertakings to the Court.
  • Succession Law –
    • Wills;
    • Probate;
    • Deceased Estate Administration;
    • Contested Wills - representing the Executor or potential Beneficiaries.
  • Attorney Law –
    • Enduring Powers of Attorney;
    • General Powers of Attorney;
    • Common Law Powers of Attorney;
    • Advance Health Directives.
  • Neighbourhood Law –
    • Dividing fences;
    • Overhanging branches and vines;
    • Intruding roots;
    • Unauthorised attachments to the dividing fence;
    • Building/structure encroachments;
  • Criminal and Quasi-Criminal Law –
    • Crime
    • Driving offences;
    • Driver Licensing;

Still more about the firm

As well as the wide range of “ordinary” matters in which this firm has extensive experience, this Lawyer has worked on a wide range of cases that are quite out of the ordinary. Thus, should you need a Lawyer for legal advice or service, ordinary or not so ordinary, (unlike the “one subject only” Specialist) this Sandgate Solicitor will be able to help.

Some of the previous “not so ordinary” cases over the years include:-

  • The controversial surveying of Russell Island
  • Election defamation
  • Disputed naming of a newspaper
  • Police corruption
  • Medical malpractice
  • Customs fraud
  • Personal defamation
  • High Court Appeal

As generalist, i.e. non-specialist Lawyers, the firm is capable of transitioning from one area of the law to another and so you will not be sent away to find another Lawyer to undertake the next level of legal service you need, perhaps in that same matter.

More reasons for choosing G. R. BROWN Solicitor

  • We are local and you are or perhaps will be local. Economise on your time and travel expense now and for the future. Convenience has a value.
  • We are very experienced. This same Lawyer is in his 49th year of conducting this legal practice. We are successful general Legal Practitioners. Sooner or later you will need legal advice or service.
  • We are successful litigants. In the unfortunate event of a conflict occurring, we can capably represent you in any Court in this land.
  • We want you to be comfortable with our relationship. We want you to ask any and all questions about your matter. We can give you straight answers. We want your matter to be stress-free.
  • We are fully insured for your protection.
  • A very pleasant and skilled staff member will identify the kind of legal advice or services you require and arrange for the legal service you need, perhaps commencing with an appointment.
  • You will be informed of the legal process, and be provided with an estimate of your likely legal fees. There are fixed fees for many services and Wills are discounted for pensioners.
  • Throughout our engagement, you will be regularly kept informed of progress.

Need help with the law?

Consult this legal firm first and get it right. Contact the office of G. R. Brown Solicitor and Notary Public between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday by visiting the office at Suite 5, Sandgate Arcade, cnr Brighton Road and Second Avenue, Sandgate, Qld 4017 or by telephoning on 07 3269 8511.

If you need a Lawyer or have an enquiry about any legal matter, this senior Lawyer has over 49 years of experience in a wide range of matters and is very knowledgeable.

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