This really committed firm of Solicitors will make your Conveyancing worry – free for you

If you are buying or selling land, a home, home unit, town house, Retirement Village accommodation, buying “off the plan”, registering a Plan of Survey, reconfiguring an allotment, undertaking a related party or spousal transfer, buying or selling commercial/industrial land or unit, a small business, a Franchise or leasing commercial/industrial/business premises as Lessor or Lessee including a Retail Shop, this very experienced Conveyancing Lawyer and his very experienced staff can serve you well and work amicably with you but firmly if necessary with all other parties involved to make the transaction worry free for you. G. R. Brown Solicitor and Notary Public has over 49 years of experience as a conveyancer.

We provide quotes for our conveyancing services up front giving our clients and potential clients all of the information they need to make an effective decision when engaging a Lawyer for these transactions. And we do have a dedicated conveyancing arm – “At Brissie Conveyancing”. Check it out at .

The conveyancing hot-line is 1300 734310 or email .

Why not have us review the Contract before you sign it? There is no extra charge.

Should an unsolvable dispute arise, you will not be sent away because this firm litigates – the Court Room is our “other office”.

Do it the right way, the first time!

Because property conveyancing is a specialized discipline, the seamlessness of the transaction, i.e. “worry free” to you, heavily relies upon knowledge and experience, and that is what we have.

Should you look hard and far enough, you may find a cheaper Conveyancer. But what you pay for is what you get. There are plenty at the bottom of the pile of Conveyancers willing to cut corners to reduce costs and offer attractively cheap quotes, even pester you with letterbox drops and telephone calls. We may not be the cheapest but our prices are very competitive. Providing the truly professional service you seek and need to protect likely the largest investment you will ever make takes ongoing education and resources to keep abreast of the ever-changing laws and Judicial Decisions. “Good and cheap” is an expression in conflict with itself. If you were parachuting, would you buy the cheapest parachute? Cheap work and cutting corners can lead to later grief. This Lawyer has sued other legal firms when cheap legal services have ended in disaster.

Electronic conveyancing now exists. You may obtain a low fixed fee quote for conveyancing services, plus outlays. But those outlays now include the cost of the very large Australia wide electronic conveyancing corporation whose fees are not so cheap – and you will never meet with or have any contact with anyone there. This Brisbane northside Legal Practice has always and will always continue to provide personal services from start to finish.

At G. R. Brown Solicitor and Notary Public, we take pride in our conveyancing services, and our public relations. The approach is professional rather than commercial.

Our Conveyancing services include –

  • The preparation of Contracts for private sales, reviewing Contracts prepared elsewhere, verification of identity, preparation and execution of the many and varied documents, all necessary property searches and others if you want them, communications needed with your Finance Broker and/or Financier, in-house stamping, calculating settlement figures, attending settlements, lodgements with the Registrar of Titles, and advice throughout;
  • For Retirement Villages, in addition to the above the review of and advising you in relation to the Publication Information Document (the “PID”);
  • For the acquisition of the family home of a deceased parent by way of appropriation of the Estate assets different to the provisions of the Will and as agreed by all beneficiaries, the preparation of the Deed of Appropriation and the submissions to the Office of State Revenue to gain the available reduction in stamp duty;
  • For transfers between “related” parties, spouses or de facto partners, and severing joint tenancies (usually pending a Family Law Order or Binding Financial Agreement), the advice you need, the preparation of all required documents, the communications needed with your Finance Broker and/or Financier, the in-house stamping of documents and the registration;
  • For commercial/industrial/business transactions, all of the above including the preparation of or the review of any Lease/s.

Make sure all of your needs and rights are covered. Consult this legal firm with nearly half a century of knowledge and experience first and get it right!

Need help with the law?

If you are in need of conveyancing services or need a Lawyer for some other legal matter, contact the contact G. R. Brown Solicitor and Notary Public between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday by visiting the office at Suite 5, Sandgate Arcade, cnr Brighton Road and Second Avenue, Sandgate, Qld 4017 or by telephoning on 07 3269 8511 or emailing .

The conveyancing hot-line is 1300 734310 or email .

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