It must be difficult deciding who should be entrusted to advise you on legal matters. And strangely enough basically everything you do involves the law in some way. Small firms usually provide practitioners who will advise you on almost everything - the Generalist. Large firms departmentalise their practitioners in an effort to provide their clients with “Specialist” legal services. Should your choice favour the Generalist or Specialist? Let me provide a biased comment!

Most General Medical Practitioners recognise their limitations and in appropriate circumstances refer to Specialists. The legal profession does likewise, and there is every possibility that a Generalist Solicitor will manage your affairs quite capably taking only such Specialist advice as your case requires, usually from a Barrister practicing in that particular area of the law.

The Queensland Law Society commented some years ago that unless legal education was continued, a Lawyer would find it difficult to provide skills at a reasonable level within 5 years. “Specialists” of course concentrate on one area of the law and consequently their skills in other areas are at risk of being lost. But down the hall behind those other doors are the strange faces of “other Specialists” who can be consulted so as to get the total act together.

The Generalist is the familiar face, the one known to you and in whom you have developed trust and confidence for he has a broad base of legal knowledge. When advising you on specific matters, other relevant matters can be taken into account. In fact it is acknowledged that it takes greater skill to be a competent Generalist.

Further the Generalist charges a reasonable fee for what is represented as a reasonable service. The Rules of Court provide specific fees as between parties in civil law matters, but most firms now charge clients at an hourly rate. In criminal matters, charges are likely to be either a fixed fee or at an hourly rate. As can be imagined, the hourly rate for a Specialist is rather more than for a Generalist.

Take my recommendation and enquire thoroughly into this matter when deciding upon the merits of choosing between a Generalist and a Specialist. The sum left in your pocket at the end of the day is relevant.

Consult this legal firm with nearly half a century of knowledge and experience first and get it right!

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