About Us


Established in 1979 by G.R. (Ray) Brown...

our small suburban firm located in the heart of Sandgate prides itself by offering legal services as efficiently and economically as possible while maintaining excellent customer service. 

Lexie Edwards is now the Legal Practice Director of G.R. Brown Solicitor. She has been a respected Solicitor of the firm for many years practising in most areas of law. Lexie has a determinative and proactive approach and prides herself on ensuring her clients receive honest and practical advice.

In all transactions we:-

  • Listen to the needs and expectations of our clients;

  • Ensure clients are fully informed as to the procedure, requirements and status of their matter;

  • Respect our clients, each other, other parties and members of the profession;

  • Work together as a team to achieve our full potential;

  • Will be open and honest in all our dealings and act with the best intentions.


Still more about the firm

As a generalist, i.e. non-specialist Solicitor, we are capable of transitioning from one area of the law to another so you will not be sent away to find another Solicitor to undertake the next level of legal service you need, perhaps in that same matter. 

Most General Medical Practitioners recognise their limitations and in appropriate circumstances refer to Specialists. The legal profession does likewise. There is every possibility that a Generalist Solicitor will manage your affairs quite capably taking only such Specialist advice as your case requires, usually from a Barrister practicing in that particular area of the law.


Other reasons for choosing G.R. Brown Solicitor

  • We are local and you are, or perhaps will be local. Economise on your time and travel expense now and for the future. Convenience has a value;

  • We want you to be comfortable with our relationship. We want you to ask any and all questions about your matter. We can give you straight answers. We want your matter to be stress-free;

  • There are fixed fees for many services and Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney are discounted for Centrelink pensioners;

  • We have ample parking available for our clients. There is a large carpark at the rear of the Sandgate Arcade (in Second Avenue) and a small carpark at the front of the Sandgate Arcade (on Brighton Road);

  • In the unfortunate event of a conflict occurring, we can capably represent you in any Queensland Court or in the High Court;

  • We are fully insured for your protection;

  • A very pleasant and skilled staff member will identify the kind of legal advice or services you require and arrange for the legal service you need, perhaps commencing with an appointment.