Under the Domestic Violence and Family Violence Protection Act 2012, domestic violence is defined as being conduct or behaviour (including attempted or threatened) that is:-

  • physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically, or economically abusive; or
  • threatening (including to suicide or self harm or damage property), coercive, controlling, dominating; or
  • stalking (including by surveillance); or
  • depriving liberty.

If you are a victim of domestic or family abuse, we recommend you contact a Solicitor who can advise and if necessary, represent you. This law is not only about physical violence. It also covers emotional and financial “violence”. You may fear that something harmful may happen either to yourself, a member of your extended family, a friend, your property or even a pet.

Even Police can issue an on-the-spot Police Protection Notice under certain circumstances. Unless there is immediate compliance, there can also then be an on-the-spot arrest for breach of the same.

If you are being unfairly accused of being abusive, it may be that there is another motive – perhaps to give the other party leverage to achieve some other goal, e.g. when children or property issues are yet to be resolved.

Whatever your situation or circumstances, the staff at G.R. Brown Solicitor can assist and advise you on your best course of action in a friendly and professional manner, without judgement.

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