We provide the professional service you seek and need to protect likely the largest investment you'll ever make


Residential conveyancing

  • Buying or selling land, a home, unit, townhouse, retirement village accommodation;

  • Buying or selling “off the plan”;

  • Related party or spousal transfer.

For retirement village transactions we can also review and advise you on the Publication Information Document (PID).

Commercial conveyancing

  • Buying or selling commercial/industrial land or unit;

  • Leasing commercial/industrial/business premises as Lessor or Lessee including a Retail Shop.

We can also assist in the negotiation, preparation and review of Leases. If required, we also prepare the documents necessary for the lease to be registered at the Registrar of Titles including the Disclosure documents required under the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994.

Business conveyancing

  • Buying or selling a small business;

  • Buying or selling a franchise.

Other conveyancing

  • Buying or selling a floating mooring berth;

  • Buying or selling time share.


What Our Conveyancing Service Includes

  • Providing advice throughout the transaction;

  • Reviewing the Contract or Lease prior to signing;

  • Completing all necessary property searches (plus additional extras if required);

  • Communicating with your financier;

  • In-house stamping (stamp duty);

  • Calculating settlement figures;

  • Attending settlement;

  • Lodging documents with the Registrar of Titles.

We can also prepare a Contract or Lease if required.

A matter that is frequently overlooked is whether Council approval has been obtained for a dwelling or a structure added to a dwelling or land such as a deck, garden shed or swimming pool. We make enquiries with Council to ascertain whether such approvals have been obtained because after the purchase is completed, the new owner is responsible.

Unless there is a Special Condition in the Contract, termination because a Building Approval has not been obtained is not available.