Going to Court

We provide the representation you seek and need, whatever the circumstances

When charged with having committed a crime or even a minor offence, whether you intend to plead guilty or not guilty, it is important that you present before a Court in the most appropriate manner.

Behaviour and dress in the Courtroom has an impact. Addressing the correct issues rather than wasting the Court’s time on irrelevancies, is appreciated up there on the Bench. Assisting the Court with matters of law and legal precedents is also appreciated. These levels of co-operation can produce a more favourable result. Missing a vital but seemingly trivial point due to lack of knowledge and experience, could produce a disastrous result.

Make sure that you are well represented in Court!

When pleading guilty, take a Solicitor to Court and give yourself the chance of the best possible outcome. 

When pleading not guilty, take advice on your chances of success. Remember that a guilty plea is an unqualified admission of every element of the offence that otherwise would have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt. You may have a chance so why not seek advice from a Solicitor.