Family Law

We provide the professional service and realistic guidance you seek and need

What We can assist you with

The staff at G.R. Brown Solicitor understand that separation from a partner can be a very emotional time. We not only provide legal advice but we also provide compassion and listen to your needs during what can be a very difficult stage in your life.

We understand that while it is our job to advise on the legal aspects of your case, it is ultimately the client who needs to decide what course of action best suits them. That is why we always ensure that we discuss all of your options with you and assist you in determining what is the most realistic and practical solution for you personally.

We can assist in the following areas of family law:-

  • Divorce;

  • Property disputes;

  • Children disputes;

  • Trials;

  • Consent Orders;

  • Binding Financial Agreements (before, during or after marriage).

We not only have knowledge of the law but also:-

  1. An ability to identify the core issues;

  2. An ability to assess your prospects of success;

  3. An ability to discuss the result and the money you will spend trying to achieve it;

  4. An ability to recommend a compromise which would minimise stress and expenditure.